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Chronic Venous Disease Test


of chronic venous disease1,2,3

Report the intensity of each symptom

Feeling of heaviness in the legs
Feeling of swelling in the legs
Pain in the legs

Symptoms increased

At the end of day and/or during the night
After prolonged standing and/or sitting
In warm environment and/or during the summer

Symptoms decreased

By exercise
In cold surrounding

1. Benigni JP et al. Venous symptoms in C0 and C1 patients: UIP consensus document. Int Angiol. Vol. 32. N°3. 2013, p261-265. 2. Guex JJ et al. The "C0s" patient: worldwide results from the Vein Consult Program. Phlebolymphology. Vol 19. N°4. 2012, p182-192. 3. Perrin MR. Description and definition of venous symptoms in chronic venous disorders: a review. Medicographia. Vol 37, N°1. 2015, p10-15.

You don't suffer from functional symptoms of chronic venous disease

Chronic Venous Disease

Nevertless, keep in mind that it doesn't exclude a chronic venous disease as symptoms are not always present. It is important to be aware of the risk factors.
Sedentary lifestyle or prolonged periods of standing or sitting.
Being significantly overweight.
Family history of varicose veins or Chronic Venous Disease.
Regular use of high-heeled shoes.
Did you know?

Age is one of the greatest risks factors for Chronic Venous Disease.

The older we get, the greater the risk of Chronic Venous Disease.

1- WHO 2010; Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health.


Chronic Venous Disease

We recommend you to consult your doctor to discuss the possible diagnosis.

1- WHO 2010; Global Recommendations on Physical Activity for Health.